Thanks KORUA SHAPES for bringing back the art of carving

Back when I started snowboarding in '89, carving was a big thing. I mean, there were the racer dudes and the freestyle dudes - it kinda blended all together. As young guys back then we didn't really dig it but we had no choice but to learn how to carve properly. Then came the whole freestyle skate style thing - it was great, but carving got lost along the way, and stayed lost for many years. All the companies stopped producing racing/carving boards and it became this Olympic competitive thing only.

You could see every now and then some old-school guy with a racer board carving the morning corduroy but that was it. As both stance and parks got bigger, the kids started to lose the art of carving. Have you ever noticed how bad a snowboarder looks with a big stance? It kills all the fluidity and the movements a rider can have and at the same time it doesn't help give you a proper carve...(I'll write another post about this someday, but I'll leave it at that for the moment so I don't end up sounding like an old frustrated guy)

For now, so stoked that carving has got its cool back... thanks to Korua for bringing it back to life!